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This film tells the story of Bian (Refal Hady), who is ready to get engaged to Tari (Indah Permatasari) to make his mother happy, even though he has been in a relationship with his girlfriend Sarah (Aghniny Haque) for five years. And the strength of Zari`s determination to support this marriage while snatching Bian`s heart from Sarah. The film begins on August 8, 2019. [1] When you log in, users can simply search for a movie by title. Tari accompanied Bian to the hospital and waited outside, Tari met Aldi. When Tari and Aldi arrive in Sarah`s room, they see Bian and Sarah kissing, which makes Tari sad and disappointed. Tari decided to go for a while to calm down. Before Tari leaves, he asks Bian to leave Sarah because he already loves Bian, but Bian doesn`t answer him. Bian feels lonely and loses Tari, often Bian contacts Tari but is ignored. After leaving the house for 1 week, Tari meets her Pakde and Bude and it is recommended to be a woman with long legs and not to run away from difficulties. Sarah, who came back healthy to meet Bian at home, who is waiting for Tari to come home, finally decided to accept the situation that her relationship with Bian did not continue, Sarah told me that as long as she was downstairs, Aldi always accompanied her and Aldi would get married. Tari finally decides to go home, but he sees Bian and Sarah kissing for their separation and misinterprets Tari, Bian tries to catch up with Tari, but Tari leaves Bian again. “But I got you a few days ago,” Tari said.

She told her husband with certainty that Pakde and Bude would come today. So, early Tari has to struggle with the washing machine. Mrs. Darmi was allowed because her son was sick, so she did her homework. At nine o`clock, he had an appointment with Dad to discuss business cooperation. He does not like to leave the house without doing anything. After washing, sweep and then wipe. Bian winked and tried to adjust his eyes to the surrounding light. He focused his eyes.

“Dance?” he exclaimed doubtfully as he was fully conscious. He lifted her body and rested on her elbow. “Are you thinking about it here?” Dance noticed her husband`s sleeping face. .


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