Usufruct Agreement Pdf



Preserve the form and content of the property, except to the extent necessary for the accommodation of its offices. This clause should not be interpreted as an impossible obligation. It goes without saying that this obligation will be respected as long as at least one floor of the structure is dedicated to residential purposes, with all the necessary amenities and with unhindered access to entry and exit. b. Take care of all necessary and exceptional expenses and repairs to the property and improvements made by the company. c. To pay all taxes, fees, pledge duties on the immovable property that exists at the time of performance of this contract and those that may be incurred during this period and at the expiry of it, including taxes on transfers and real estate, if any. 5. TOTAL UNDERPERFORMANCE No other consideration is due unless further agreed. 6. VIOLATION In case of infringement by one party, the other party has the right to terminate the contract. IN THIS REGARD, the parties have signed their names in place and on the date of the first act written above on this three-page instrument.

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