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It is quite right to use general words such as “services on our website” or “the products mentioned in our catalog” when your terms cover different situations. We are licensed and generally offer some or all of the following services under the terms set out in this agreement: 3.5 Details of our professional insurer and other regulatory information are available on our website at www.pem.co.uk/terms-conditions. You should inform us as soon as possible of any losses, claims or circumstances that are covered by the declaration provisions of your insurance policy. If you do not notify the insurer immediately, this may be allowed to reject your claim. You should not accept liability or accept other emergency measures implemented to minimize damage or in the interest of health and safety until you have received the consent of your insurer. We are all presented with standard conditions in the daily business of the Internet. You don`t have to accept it. It is a comparative bargaining power. If there`s a term you want to change, why not submit it to your provider? It is unlikely that a large company will accept a change for a small purchase of value, but what if your business wants to buy at a really important value to the supplier? For each company, there is a number where they could reconsider everything! Our payment terms are as follows (unless we expressly agree in writing) we or any of our companies, customers or suppliers of related or affiliated products may have a risk of conflict of interest with the transactions made for you. If this happens and we realize that there is a potential conflict, we will inform you and outline in detail the steps we will take to ensure fair treatment.

15.1 Kreston International (Kreston) is a global network of independent auditing companies that provide professional services to clients. Each company is a member of Kreston International Limited (Kreston International), a UK limited warranty company that does not provide services to its members` customers. Kreston members are separate legal organizations and are only associated with your Kreston International members. Some Kreston members use Kreston as part of their company name. 20.2 If you would like to talk to us about how we can improve our service for you or if you are not satisfied with the service you receive, please let us know by contacting the Director of Legal Practice, Sanchia Norris. We will carefully review every complaint you may make about our estate services as soon as we receive them and will do everything in our power to resolve the issue. We will confirm your claim within five business days of receipt and will endeavour to process it within 8 weeks.


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