Sublease Agreement Chicago Pdf



The subtenant agrees that, if the premises and the contents of it are returned to him in the condition in which the subtenant received them, appropriate wear and tear is excluded and if the subtenant is not liable for unpaid rent or an unpaid electricity bill, it will be refunded to the subtenant at the end of the vie._ period or within 30 days thereafter. Any reason for withholding part of the deposit must be communicated in writing to the sub-parties within thirty days. 10. INVENTORY FORM: At the time of taking over the premises by the Unterzeuern, the sub-manufacturer shall make available to the sub-celator an inventory form within three (3) days of taking possession. 11. INITIAL LEASE AGREEMENT: The sublease agreement includes and is subject to the original lease agreement between the sublessee and his lessor, a copy of which is attached and which is so designated and recorded, as if it were set out in detail here. . . .


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