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One of the drivers of india`s economic boom is a large mobile and site-independent staff, open to moving to different sites. Nestaway is the first and largest provider of “managed home rental services” in India. On the one hand, Nestaway offers tenants a seamless and non-discriminatory rental experience, on the other hand, it helps landlords in the management of tenants and real estate. It is a nascent but rapidly evolving commercial space. Although generally governed by laws relating to real estate, foreign investment, taxation, consumer protection, labour, e-commerce and the banking sector, the most recent and significant regulatory impact was the Typical Rents Act 2019, published by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development. For the first time, the law aims to regulate rental housing in the country; Promote inclusive and sustainable housing for all classes and introduce technology into document management. As an important impetus for Nestaway, the model law is the first law that formally recognizes the role of “property managers” such as Nestaway and their services related to the interests of landowners and tenants. Among other changes, the law provides for standardization of security deposits, specialized dispute resolution, and the creation of digital contract archives – some of the areas in which Nestaway already holds a leading position. The parties must agree on such an extension/extension (unless the existing agreement contains an extension provision) and draw up a new single agreement for the extended period. Given the current crisis and the uncertainty ahead, homeowners should agree on an extension, legal experts say. Rental properties are generally designed only for a certain number of people. In light of the above, you should define an obligation that must meet the occupancy limit as part and package of your lease.

Nestaway relies heavily on technological processes to manage its portfolio. The innovative use of technology has led to the automation of several ancient legal processes. We have developed digital tools that automatically retrieve data from different departments to process process information and predict process scenarios. As a result of this innovation, the legal department is able to handle disputes within 24 hours and significantly reduce costs.


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