Nature Journals Announce First Open-Access Agreement



If the editors of the three journals and colleagues in this process decide that a manuscript is worthy enough to be sent for evaluation, they will ask the authors to pay an initial fee of €2190 to cover the costs of expertise, and then pay an additional fee if the work is accepted. In exchange, they receive a review document that, according to the publishing house, contains a more detailed editorial evaluation than typical review reports, and they are told for which Springer Nature title their work is recommended. Springer Nature said in a press release that the cost per published article was higher than that of less selective magazines due to the work of internal employees and the high rejection rate of magazines. (For example, German institutions paid about 2,750 euros per article for an open-access-publish-and-read deal with Springer Nature`s other magazines, announced in January.) Only 8 percent of submissions to Nature and Nature brand magazines are published and 60 percent of editors` time is spent evaluating manuscripts they don`t publish, Springer Nature said; He added that investments in journalism and other content that go beyond primary research have contributed to the costs. . . .


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