Ivanti License Agreement



p. counter-parts. The agreement can be executed in return for any such execution is considered to be the originator, and these counterparties together form the same agreement. The contract can be executed in person or electronically and transmitted physically or electronically in the Portable Document format (“PDF”). The parties agree that such electronic execution and supply has the same power and effect of providing an original document with original signatures, and that each party may use these signatures in facsimile, PDF or E as evidence of the implementation and provision of this agreement by all parties, to the extent that an original signature could be used. “Perpetual License.” A license to use the software that is not time-limited if used under the terms of this Agreement. 4. BUSINESS LICENSING AGREEMENT. The ELA model allows customers to purchase different sets of company-wide software products as part of a subscription license (an “ELA offer” each). For more information on software products, analyst licensing rates and server licensing conditions included in each ELA offer, see the ELA program manual at rs.ivanti.com/legal/ela-program-guide.pdf. If you purchase an ELA offer as stated in the invoice, you agree that the following conditions apply to such a purchase: “User-based.” Depending on the user-based model, the software can be used by a particular user on any number of devices that user has. However, you cannot transfer a license from one user to another user more than once every thirty (30) days.

A license is required for each user. a. Number of users. You agree and accept that at the time of purchase, the number of licenses in the invoice is greater or equal to the total number of your employees, contractors and agents (the “number of users”). Your affiliates or affiliates can only use the software you purchase under the ELA if you have included in the number of users the total number of employees, contractors and agents of these related companies. Increase compliance with security and software licenses to reduce risk. You know what`s in your network and manage software and hardware vulnerabilities. Make sure that the reels that monitor your security and licensing compliance provide the right dashboards and give you the ability to act – patches, reports and monitoring reports. You sleep easier and your business will keep away from fines and reputation threats. 7. ASSISTANCE AND MAINTENANCE SERVICES. Standard support and maintenance services, updates and upgrades are included in the price of the software if purchased as a subscription license, SaaS offer or ELA.


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