How To Check Baggage Interline Agreement In Amadeus



The interline is when flights are mixed from different airline codes in the PNR route. In this case, the ITA table is checked. Important: airline agreements should not be reciprocal. The ITA table is checked whether the TTP/ET/TKT input is used In code-sharing and operational carrier situations, flight segments have the same code as the validating carrier, but are operated by other airlines. The ITA table is verified between the validating airline and the airline defined in DEI50. Note: DEI50 is an SSIM message that refers to comments posted in a Flight Information Entry (DO). 50 Duplicate Leg Cross Reference – Operation Leg Identification is the marketing carrier`s commentary indicating the operating flight number. 1. Check your valid carrier, and call the marketing operator or operator to make sure there is an Interline agreement. 2. If you used entry I, make sure the airline code used in the entry is identical to the code used to create the TSM mask. 3. If the problem persists and you are certain that the requirement is valid, contact your support service (or representative).

Provide the following information to support the investigation and speed up the processing time: Do not confuse the interline ticketing agreement with codeshare or operating network operators: you view the interline ticketing agreements of a valid airline or between two airlines with the TGAD entry. Emd-Interline-Agreements with Marketing Carrier The validating transport carrier must have EMD-Interline agreements with each part of the marketing carrier application. EMD-Interline Agreement with The forwarder-exporter The valid carrier must have an interconnection contract with each online carrier, which is part of the code-sharing application. EMD interconnection agreements with ETKT validating network manager (EMD-A only) If the EMD to be produced is an EMD-A and the emd validation carrier is different from the associated ETKT validation carrier, the EMD validation operator must have EMD interline agreements with the ETKT validation company comments: – The ETKT validation airline is identified from the number “Delivered in conjunction with” in TSM-P – There are no interline tests when TSM-P is issued as a paper document The Interline Billeting Agreement (ITA) table refers to the list of airlines that have an existing ticketing agreement with other airlines. If there is a problem, always check for flights in the itinerary that are made by another company (codeshare). 2. To verify the interline agreement between two airlines, please indicate: TGAD-YY/ZZ (where YY is the validating carrier and ZZ is the second largest airline). 5.

To indicate all countries in which a particular airline has used EMD to Amadeus, enter EGCD/Vxx (of which xx is the airline code). 3. You can also use the EGSD/Vxx format[/SC-xxxx][/RFIC-x] [/RFISC-x][/BM-xxxx] to view details in: These entries are a valuable element in the output and management of an EMD. This error message can be displayed in different situations. For example: b. If the EMD-Guide extension agents know the line number they want to access, they can access this specific line of the EMD guide directly by entering EGSD/Vxx/Ln. Do you receive this error message? If it`s you, click here. . 4. To view all airlines that offer EMDs in a given country, enter the CEVD/Ccc (cc being the country code).

6X and YY have an electronic ITA, so an E-Ticket can be delivered on LH drive. However, flight 6X is operated by another airline (Other airline) and the 6X ticket is therefore refused. Through EGSD/Vxx/TA, the system displays only the services of travel agencies. This new option can be combined with existing display options.


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