Data Recovery Confidentiality Agreement



The customer recognizes that the device and/or media given to the NDR may be damaged prior to receipt by the NDR. Despite processing the storage media received with the best available technology and method of thinking, efforts can result in the destruction or damage of the device, media and/or data. Ndr regrets that it assumes no responsibility for any further damage to the device, media and/or customer data. Please note that NDR only undertakes to make reasonable efforts with its existing technology and technology, but NDR cannot promise or guarantee specific results. Encryption policy – preventing the disclosure of your data is something we take very seriously. As part of the recovery process, we use extensive on-site encryption at the level while we retrieve your information. We treat our customers` data with the utmost confidentiality. Data deletion procedure – After recovering your data and making it safe to your satisfaction, we will delete the information and destroy all physical copies that are in our possession. This is an automatic process that ensures that we will no longer have access to your data once it is back in your hands.

Successful data recovery is defined as the recovery of data that could not be accessed or were not visible in the client`s computer operating system. The customer agrees to pay for data recovery, even though Data Recovery Lab has partially restored the data. The client authorizes Data Recovery Lab, its employees, contractors and independent agents, to receive and transport these media/equipment/data from, and between their facilities. All devices, media and/or data that are not claimed or left by NDR after 45 days from the date of MAF`s signature will be disposed of at NDR`s discretion and would exempt NDR from any obligation of confidentiality related to the device, media and/or data, and the customer expires the ownership of these media. As far as privacy is concerned, Data Recovery Specialists use all the information contained in the data, media and/or devices available to us only for the purpose of compliance with the undertaking and will otherwise be strictly confidential, unless the data is considered criminal. Indeed, we have very strict security protocols, which is why we are ISO accredited for information security. As part of its privacy policy, Data Recovery Specialists undertakes not to disclose information or data files provided with customer devices, stored or linked by the customer, without the customer`s consent, to employees or agents of data restoration specialists subject to confidentiality agreements or imposed by law. All confidential information disclosed by customers under this contract remains the exclusive property of the owner and we will take appropriate measures to prevent the unauthorized use of customer information that is not inferior to the measures we apply to protect our own confidential information. Data Recovery Specialists agrees to use only authorized data recovery engineers and that all media provided to data recovery specialists will be stored securely in one of its premises.

The storage location may not be the same as the location where the support was originally delivered. We have equipped a number of offices with different data recovery tools and we have employed engineers in a specific specialty.


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