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The agreement aims to strengthen relations between the EU and South Africa in a wide range of areas in the areas of trade, development and cooperation. The agreement provides for the liberalisation of 95% of EU imports from South Africa within ten years and 86% of South African imports from the EU within 12 years. In order to protect vulnerable sectors on both sides, some products are excluded from the free trade agreement, others have been only partially liberalized. For the EU, these are mainly agricultural products, while South Africa is an industrial product, including certain automotive products and certain textile and clothing products. However, since December 2006, there are plans to strengthen trade liberalization in the automotive sector. The duration of the agreement is not fixed, but can be amended within five years of its entry into force to consider possible changes. The agreement contains detailed rules of origin to ensure that products to which preferential regimes are subject come only from South Africa or the EU. In order to take into account modern international production processes, the rules of origin are relaxed by specific provisions. Successive amendments to the agreement were introduced in the original text. This consolidated version is only of documentary value. I welcome the signing of the Partnership, Trade and Cooperation Agreement between the United Kingdom and Northern Macedonia, which lays the foundations for an even more ambitious relationship between our countries.

These include future cooperation in the fight against climate change, improving education and defending human rights. Finally, the TDCA provides for close cooperation in a wide range of trade-related areas, including customs services, the free movement of services and capital, as well as technical barriers such as certification and standardization. EU development assistance to South Africa is mainly provided by the EU budget through the Development Cooperation Financing Instrument. On the basis of respect for democratic principles, human rights and the rule of law, the agreement maintains a regular political dialogue on issues of common interest both bilaterally and regionally (as part of the EU dialogue with southern African countries and with the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) group. The United Kingdom today (3 December) signed a partnership, trade and cooperation agreement with Northern Macedonia, the UK`s largest trading partner in the Western Balkans.


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