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By law, health professionals and psychologists alike must keep most of what you tell them confidentially. At Shaw Psychology, your doctor will talk about confidentiality during your first session. You are encouraged to ask if you are concerned and we encourage you to try to get a clear understanding of what is confidential in your meetings. Albuquerque Public Schools protects the confidentiality of personal data when collecting, storing, disclosing and destroying information. If you use an interpreter to speak to a psychologist at Shaw Psychology, you must also follow Shaw Psychology`s privacy policy. All persons who collect or use personal data receive training or training on statutes and regulations and district and procedure privacy guidelines in accordance with Part B of IDEA and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Investigators who receive public funds must be aware and ensure compliance with all laws, regulations, guidelines and contractual conditions applicable to the funds and ensure that funds are spent solely for authorized purposes. Restrictions on the use of funds include restrictions on the use of the funds for personal purposes, in support of a business or in political activities. [Link here to legal laws] Shaw Psychology complies with the Australian Psychological Society (GSP) Code of Ethics.

The GSP has long been committed to protecting the privacy of customers. This is expressed in detail in their code of ethics and is mandatory for all members. The code is now also confirmed by the Psychology Board of Australia as a request for registered psychologists. While the GSP Code of Ethics is not only among the professions in its commitment to such a policy, the existence of sensitive mental health, relationship, development and neurological characteristics in client presentations makes privacy and confidentiality essential. In accordance with legal and ethical requirements, psychologists and our other clinicians have a duty of care to their clients and the public. Shaw Psychology sees the duty of care as a fundamental aspect of professional practice and support. Therefore, in certain circumstances, Shaw Psychology may break confidentiality to avoid serious harm to a client or the public. In these circumstances, any attempt to have a client`s consent accepted before taking action is encouraged and clients are encouraged to inform the appropriate services with the help of their psychologist.

If consent is not granted, but Shaw Psychology believes that a client is at high risk of serious harm to himself or others, he or she may contact the Department of Human Services, a client`s local cat team, the police or caregivers, or a client`s family member. To help the GSP achieve the diversity goal, members will benefit by learning about social science research on implicit biases and implicit assumptions and their impact on women and under-represented groups in minority disciplines. Subordinates should always be treated with respect and concern for their well-being. Their superiors have a responsibility to facilitate their research, training and professional development, to ensure that they have the knowledge and training they need to do their job safely, to advance them in a timely manner to the next phase of professional development, and to create a supportive work environment and fair compensation.


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