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The EU`s general data protection regulation is more serious about contracts than previous EU data protection rules. If your organization is subject to the RGPD, you must have a written data processing agreement with all data processors. Yes, a data processing agreement is boring paperwork. But it is also one of the most fundamental steps of RGPD compliance and necessary to avoid RGPD sanctions. “responsible,” an organization that determines the purposes and means of processing personal data. 2. If a person concerned is unable to claim, in accordance with paragraph 1, a claim for compensation against the data exporter resulting from a data breach by the importer of one of its obligations covered in paragraph 3 or 11, or its subcontracting, Since the data exporter has indeed disappeared, is no longer insolvent or has become insolvent, the data importer accepts that the person concerned can claim a right against the data importer as if he were the data exporter, unless a successor has contractually or by law accepted all of the legal obligations of the data exporter, in which case the person concerned can assert his rights against that agency. The data importer must not invoke a breach of its obligations by a subcontractor processor in order to avoid its own commitments. B.

The parties acknowledge that if the data importer is unable to ensure such compliance in accordance with paragraphs 5 (a) and 5 (b) for some reason, the data importer undertakes to immediately inform the data exporter of its inability to comply, the data exporter being authorized to suspend the transfer of data and/or to report the contract of the relevant service parties in accordance with the provisions of the agreement. `applicable data protection law`, legislation on the protection of the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals and, in particular, their right to privacy with respect to the processing of personal data applicable to a processing officer in the Member State in which the data exporter is established; Due to our customer encryption, we cannot access the encrypted content of our users and we cannot use encrypted information to identify a person. Therefore, in our view, such content is not considered personal data. However, when providing our services, we process certain unencrypted data, including personal data, that relates to users managed by our users (for example, user.B names, email addresses, file activities, and attempts to register). With respect to this limited data, we act as data processors. Our data protection authority covers this very limited personal data that we have on our customers, while the data in customer files is outside the scope of the Data Protection Authority. 2.6 Digital data. Notwithstanding the contrary provisions of the agreement (including this data protection authority), the Customer recognizes that DigitalOcean has the right to use and/or disclose data related to the operation, support and/or use of services for legitimate business purposes such as billing, account management, technical assistance, product development and marketing and marketing. To the extent that this data is considered personal data in accordance with data protection legislation, DigitalOcean processes this data in accordance with data protection legislation.

☐ given the nature of the processing and the information available, the subcontractor assists the processing manager in carrying out his RGPD obligations with respect to processing security, notification of personal data breaches and data protection impact analyses; 2. The person concerned may apply this clause to the data importer: Clause 5 (a) to (e) and (e) and g), Clause 6, Clause 7, paragraph 8, paragraph 2, and cl


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