1199 Seiu Collective Bargaining Agreement 2019



A union member who is an employee of the collective agreements unit and who processes a complaint in accordance with the appeal procedure will have a reasonable amount of time to help resolve claims recognized on the employer`s property, without loss of pay or recorded working time. The time to process complaints that have been lodged is granted to an EU delegate through prudential control on request, but on the basis of any mission. If the authorisation cannot be granted immediately, the Board of Directors will take a break as soon as possible thereafter, or the employer and EU representative may provide an EU delegate outside the jurisdiction to assist in the appeal process. RT/AT/END Members of the bargaining unit. For employees of the RT/AT/END collective agreement unit, $500 ($500.00) per FTE (pro-rata part-time) per year is made available to fund continuing education. RT employees receive up to eight hundred dollars ($800.00) per FTE per valuation. The parties recognize that this contract is in itself complete and constitute all the conditions of the agreement between the parties. Therefore, no party is required, for the duration of this contract, to negotiate personnel or other matters at the discretion of the university and is not covered by this agreement. Registered nurses. At the beginning of each fiscal year (in proportion to part-time nurses), the employer makes available $500 ($500.00) per unit of collective agreements to pay for training costs. 48.2 Definition. The concept of a pro-diem diagnostic employee represents an hourly paid employee in one of the above-mentioned professional classes, who, in the previous twelve months, has spent at least three hundred and fifty (350) hours in the SEIU 1199NW bargaining unit. For the calculation of the three hundred and fifty (350) hours, the period of twelve (12) months begins on the initial hiring date of the employee.

The next period of twelve (12) months will be repeated accordingly. Example: The initial employee recruitment date is June 1, 2009. The 12-month period would be June 1, 2009 and May 31, 2010. The next 12-month period would be June 1, 2010 and May 31, 2011. This pattern continues. 9.2 Week/Working Time. A normal work week consists of forty (40) hours of work within seven (7) days or eighty (80) hours over a period of fourteen (14) days, by mutual agreement between the employer and the worker. Replace Lead Pay. Employees of the Professional/Technical Agreement Units and RT/AT/END receive a replacement principal salary when they are responsible for the activity in this function. 38.7 Notice. Workers identified for dismissal and the trade union office SEIU 1199NW receive no less than thirty (30) calendar days before the job cuts are abolished.

The notice contains the effective date of the dismissal and a reference to the worker`s rights under this section. The communication to the union also contains a list of the latest seniority mentions for the rental date. On request, the EU and the employer will meet to discuss possible alternatives to redundancy. 41.1 The employer gives a new direction to employees in the units of collective agreements. The aim of the orientation program is to familiarize new staff with the hospital`s philosophy, guidelines and procedures, as well as with the care functions and responsibilities within the meaning of the corresponding class specification. This orientation program includes both classroom training and supervised clinical experiences. 15.8 Multidisciplinary meetings. If a topic/subject emerges and could be best addressed by a joint meeting of employment services, attended by members of more than one eu-represented bargaining unit, any party may request such a meeting.


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